Plantasjen was founded in Norway in 1986 and has demonstrated strong growth ever since its inception. During the first 10 years of operation, Plantasjen's Management focused on developing and refining its business model in the Norwegian market.

From the mid 1990s, the Plantasjen concept was streamlined with regards to the number of product groups and store design, involving an upgrading of store standards. This elevated Plantasjen's business to the current superstore concept with focus on having a broad selection of goods, perceived low prices and attractive store design. The full concept was first established in the Fredrikstad store in 1995, and the gradually rolled out to the rest of the store network. This process is still ongoing today.

Towards the end of the 1990s, Plantasjen had established itself as the clear market leader in Norway with a well defined retail concept.

In 2001 Plantasjen started its expansion into other Nordic countries, with the acquisition in Sweden of Växus, which was rebranded to Plantasjen in 2002. In the same year, EQT acquired Plantasjen. Shortly after, in 2002, Plantasjen expanded into Finland with two small acquisitions.

Since then, the Management of Plantasjen has been growing its store network throughout the Nordic region as well as converting older and acquired stores in Norway, Sweden and Finland into superstores. The company has invested significantly in its market positioning and brand equity and is today the leader in its key markets throughout the Nordic region.

In 2007, Apax acquired Plantasjen. Shortly after, in 2007, Plantasjen expanded into Ireland with the acquisition of 50 percent of Gardenworks. In addition, Plantasjen has started its expansion into Poland and Russia.

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